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Profit | Optimizing Procurement and Supply Chain Processes

Profit | Optimizing Procurement and Supply Chain Processes

As one of the world’s leading specialists for cost management, Expense Reduction Analysts optimizes your procurement and supply chain processes while finding innovative suppliers and providers to best meet your company’s needs. We provide specialized expertise, real-time industry benchmark data, and practical industry insider knowledge for dozens of supplier industries. Our approach extends your ability to find cost savings beyond what you could typically find through in-house resources. There is no compromise to your supplier relationships, service, or quality and usually, incumbent suppliers welcome the changes.

The resulting savings are the outcome of our extensive subject knowledge, our professional negotiations with suppliers, and a full assessment of your organization’s needs. Throughout the entire process of working with Expense Reduction Analysts, you remain in control of our transparent process of cost management.

We complete the majority of our work outside of your office environment. Our process, resources, and systems ensure minimal impact on your internal resources. Additionally, we monitor supplier performance for an extended period of time to ensure that all the savings and found profit is realized, sustained, and even improved over time.

The four milestones of the Expense Reduction Analysts process:

1. Analysis: We prepare a report on your current status quo in the selected cost categories where you think savings may be achieved.

2. Research: We will present you with an options report, based on our expertise and experience in the supplier markets to show you where potential savings may be achieved.

3. Selection and Implementation: Once you have chosen an option, we facilitate the implementation of the savings process in your company while also offering training.

4. Monitoring: Over the next 24 – 48 months, we monitor the savings actually achieved in performance reports. These savings are the basis for our remuneration.


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