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Most Profitable Franchises

For enthusiastic new entrepreneurs, joining a franchise is an excellent way to get your foot in the door and start earning that franchise owner salary. Starting with a trusted or well-loved name is especially wise for new business owners. The most profitable franchises typically offer excellent training, continued support, and are a worthwhile financial investment.

Take advantage of the following franchises and learn how to choose the best one for you!

Choosing High-Profit Franchises

Restaurants, cleaning services, financial services, and fitness services are among the most profitable franchise types due to their high demand. There are franchises for every purpose. It can take time to find one within your skillset. The most popular franchises may not always be suitable for you. 

The franchise you choose should have:

  •     Reasonable franchise fees: Your investment in a franchise could range from a few to many thousands of dollars. Picking one with manageable franchise fees or financial assistance programs will help you avoid debt.
  •     Demand in your area: Little demand for your franchise’s offerings means little profit. This might seem obvious, but you would be surprised how many new entrepreneurs fail to take this into account. Don’t be one of them.
  •     An excellent reputation: A trustworthy franchise will have a great reputation as being profitable, helpful, and consistent.
  •     Support and training programs: Franchises should offer assistance to franchisees throughout the length of their agreement, including marketing resources, online support, and business operation training.
  •     Excellent financial performance: Positive financial performance typically indicates that a franchise is a good choice if many people invest.

While the success of your franchise is dependent on several factors, it’s up to franchise owners to turn a profit. Choosing a high-profit franchise can fast-track you to success.

Ten of the Most Profitable Franchises

Top franchises don’t have to be well known to make you a profit. Demand differs between services and industries. Discover ten high-profiting franchises of varying popularity below.

1. Expense Reduction Analysts

Joining Expense Reduction Analysts offers excellent benefits. As a globally recognized brand, Expense Reduction Analysts is one of the most profitable franchises for financial services. Cost reduction advisors and financial analysts provide significant value to businesses everywhere, meaning there is high earning potential. 

First-time franchise owners have everything they need to become successful. In addition to considerable profit and a franchise owner salary, franchisees have access to training and online support. No office is necessary, and franchisees can work from anywhere in the world. 

Net worth requirements start at $200,000 for new ERA franchisees while your liquid capital must be $100,000. Getting started as a franchisee will be a total investment of $59,900. Third-party financial assistance is available to mitigate the financial difficulties of becoming an Expense Reduction Analysts franchisee. 


Signage demands span many markets. Open a successful family business or exercise your management experience by becoming a FASTSIGNS franchisee. With a name clients know and trust, you already have an established customer base across the globe.

Significant net worth requirements of $300,000 and $80,000 of liquid assets put investors in the running for FASTSIGNS entrepreneurship. Franchise fees are just under $50,000, with total investments ranging upwards of $300,000. SBA financing is available for eligible franchisees.

FASTSIGNS offers ample training in person and at your location, as well as online learning and marketing support. New franchisees can join a mentor course to get on their feet quickly. Additionally, low staff requirements mean you can work with virtually anyone.


If you’re interested in owning a commercial cleaning franchise, you can earn at your own pace with JAN-PRO. Entrepreneurs can easily run a cleaning franchise with family or hire traditional employees. Their reputation and flexibility make them a top franchise investment.

No experience is necessary with JAN-PRO. With 10,090 active franchises, their reputation speaks for itself. As a master franchise across the country, they provide training, uniforms, and cleaning supplies. 

JAN-PRO makes finding clients easy; their sales team locates guaranteed leads so you can focus on business operations.

Investors must have at least $1,000 in liquid capital and a net worth of $50,000, while the initial investment cost ranges from $5,000 to $60,000. Despite high startup costs, the average annual profit sits at around $1.4 million. JAN-PRO’s earning plans set you on the path to earning a minimum of $500 each month.

4. Dunkin’

For beginner franchise owners, Dunkin’s franchise opportunity allows you to bring their famous coffee and doughnut combo to your area. With perks including extensive training and support, your Dunkin’ franchise could be very profitable.

As a popular doughnut chain, the biggest downside is its significant startup investment and initial fee. The initial investment ranges from $109,700 to $1.6 million. Franchise fees range from $40,000 to $90,000, and franchise fees differ between states.

Those looking to open multiple locations qualify for a discounted initial fee. Veterans are also eligible for a 20% discount off the initial franchise fee if their agreement is for five or fewer locations. Dunkin’ also works with a network of lenders to ease costs.

5. Visiting Angels

Senior care is an often-overlooked yet exceedingly profitable industry. Average Visiting Angels franchisees make over $1 million annually, with top owners grossing around $10 million. Franchising opportunities began in 1998.

Franchisees for Visiting Angels perform non-medical, in-home services for seniors. Previous experience is not necessary, and franchisees receive a six-day training with extensive online support. New business owners can take advantage of print and digital marketing.

Franchise fees may start at $49,950 with discounts, while $50,000 capital is necessary. Veteran entrepreneurs receive a 10% discount on franchise fees. Owners with small budgets can opt for financing to ease costs.

6. Checker’s & Rally’s

Available for franchise since 1989, Checker’s & Rally’s offers high-profit earnings in most US markets. The familiar name and quality reputation bring significant business to franchise locations. Company heads seek entrepreneurs with previous business experience for multiple sites. 

Considerations begin with $750,000 net worth and $250,000 for each location. Total startup investments range from $725,000 to $2 million. Initial fees are $30,000. Despite high startup requirements, Checker’s & Rally’s offers construction assistance, business consultants, and lengthy training to prepare you for high earnings.

Checker’s & Rally’s locations have unique benefits to franchise ownership. Their smaller footprint than other restaurants makes them fit in tight spots and provide better cost-efficiency. Additionally, they focus on ensuring franchisees’ profits.

7. Storm Guard Roofing & Construction

Weather damage and old age bring the roofing market consistent profit. Entrepreneurs looking to take advantage of a steady demand for services can profit from Storm Guard Roofing & Construction’s franchising opportunity. Franchisees will build a team of roofing and construction technicians to meet residential and commercial needs. 

Beginner franchise owners get a complete package to start their new endeavor. Franchise benefits include advanced technology, expert training, and excellent financial returns. Owners have access to sales programs, business cards, and other resources.

Storm Guard’s franchise investment ranges from $185,400 to $221,600. The initial franchise fee is $65,000. Average annual profits for Storm Guard Roofing & Construction franchisees sit at $365,350, with top owners making over $1.5 million. 

8. McDonald’s

With a name like McDonald’s, you’re sure to find success with this franchise. Their well-loved meals and international popularity mean you can open a McDonald’s in any country and earn a significant profit. However, the franchise’s popularity also warrants a sizable investment.

The McDonald’s franchise requires an initial fee of $45,000, with a potential investment total ranging up to $2.2 million. New business owners must have a minimum net worth of $500,000 for franchisee consideration. McDonald’s may not be suitable for a first-time investment for entrepreneurs with a limited budget or little financial assistance.

9. Anytime Fitness

As an Anytime Fitness franchisee, you’ll appeal to markets interested in health and wellness. Around 60% of Anytime Fitness franchisees have been profitable enough to invest in multiple locations after their initial success. Franchisees get access to marketing support and personal business training consultants.

The total initial investment for one of the fastest-growing franchise brands is $98,430 to $523,824. Initial franchise fees range from $3,150 to $42,000. Unlike other franchises, Anytime Fitness charges flat rates monthly. Starting entrepreneurs or those with small budgets can ensure they can afford franchise fees thanks to lower costs.

10. ActionCOACH

Experienced business owners interested in a worldwide business coaching service can profit from ActionCOACH’s presence in over 70 countries. Franchisees build a team of business educators. Hourly earning potential ranges from $423 to $1800. 

Establishing leadership in your preferred area sets up significant income flow. ActionCOACH’s values of community service and team efforts pose franchisees as community authorities. 

Additional benefits include:

  •     Lower startup costs than other franchises
  •     Control of your schedule
  •     Over two months of training
  •     Personal support

Initial investment costs depend on your entrepreneurial needs. With prices ranging from $69,500 up to $4 million, you can establish rights to as much space as you desire. As another one of the most profitable franchises, ActionCOACH provides you with a complete suite of tools for business coaching and estimates a potential franchise owner salary.

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