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Merchant Processing Audits

If you want to invest in merchant processing audits for your business, call Expense Reduction Analysts at +1 (877) 299-7801.

As most businesses today accept credit cards, a credit card processor is necessary for operating your business. Businesses process credit and debit card transactions through merchant services and processors so customers can pay quickly. However, companies that accept credit cards are subject to high interest rates, credit card fees, and merchant processing fees.

An audit of your business’s monthly ledger can effectively resolve your credit card processing issues. Expense Reduction Analysts evaluate your merchant processing fees statement to find errors in merchant fees and help you save money. Payment processors and banks frequently change their rates and add additional costs, but we can find hidden fees on your merchant documents and help you understand where your money is going.

Your business can save an average of 20% or more on fees from credit card charges with a merchant processing audit. At Expense Reduction Analysts, we are happy to help your business perform expense audits to identify where you can increase monthly savings. Contact us over the phone or via our website to discuss how we can help.

What Is a Merchant Processing Fees Statement?

A merchant processing fees statement is a detailed list of activities between customers’ processed transactions and processing fees. Merchants that accept credit card payments receive a merchant processing document at the end of each month. While these statements can be lengthy, they may contain hidden fees from your processor or bank that drastically reduce savings.

It’s crucial to improve savings by cutting down on transaction fees to avoid a substantial bill. Hiring industry professionals for a credit card processing audit helps reduce the total transaction cost. You can save time and money while learning ways to introduce cost savings strategies.

Expense Reduction Analysts find every fee error or overcharge on your merchant account statement and advise you on where and how to make changes. Our industry knowledge gives us an upper hand in finding benefits in your company transaction activity. Contact us via phone for a credit card audit when you need to reduce your average expenses and save money.

Our Credit Card Auditing Services

With enough activity, credit card processing companies’ expenses can easily average over $30,000 or more. A credit card processing audit aims to help clients increase savings and maximize their financial returns. Merchant companies can avoid thousands of dollars in credit card merchant processing expenses with the help of professionals at Expense Reduction Analysts.

We take the stress out of company auditing so you can continue to spread your business name and focus on your clients. Our analysts uncover surcharges, processing inefficiencies, and other errors with your merchant account to lower your bill and resolve payment cost issues. Thanks to years of experience in the financial industry, we can build a detailed strategy to increase company savings and reduce processing costs without disrupting your business.

For instance, the interchange rate depends on the card type, the merchant’s business, and how customers make their purchases. We can identify these factors to help you implement another strategy. We also pinpoint factors that affect your merchant account fees, including the following:

  • Merchant processing fee
  • Service fees
  • Compliance fees

Processing audits requires expert knowledge of credit card payment fees and merchant processing. At Expense Reduction Analysts, we go line by line and meticulously analyze each transaction to search for cost savings potential. For validation purposes, our detail-oriented analysts calculate the cost of your current fees and processes, including debit card transactions and bank transfer fees.

The Benefits of a Merchant Processing Audit

Our merchant processing audit service can provide many benefits to your company regardless of your financial status. From lowering the cost of credit card payments to helping your business increase savings, our merchant processing audit services can help your company find the financial savings it needs.

Making Credit Card Payments More Affordable

With the right savings strategy, you can save more without having to switch your merchant processing provider. A credit card audit from Expense Reduction Analysts gives insight into how payments affect your monthly expenses. We comb through your monthly records and locate unnecessary charges to make payments more affordable.

Redesigning Your Payment Strategy

A merchant processing audit will reveal all weak points in your current business strategy so you can reduce your monthly bill. Our monthly analysis services help us gain intel on your credit card payment processor’s setup. Revising your company’s customer payment strategy allows for significant savings while customers continue to have the same experience.

We look at opportunities for improvement and implement the perfect payment strategy.

Connecting Businesses With Credit Card Processing Companies

Sometimes the best decision is to change your credit card processor. An audit can indicate if your business will benefit from switching processors or renegotiating fee terms with your existing merchant service processor.

With so many processors to choose from, there will undoubtedly be a processor that offers a rate you can afford. We can help your company find the right bank and credit card processor and ensure you get reasonable transaction rates.

Improving Clients' Bottom Line

At Expense Reduction Analysts, we focus on helping our clients succeed from day one. Our audit analysis services improve your bottom line and increase the net worth of your company. Our team offers a free analysis to new clients to ensure our merchant processing services are right for you.

Continuous Monitoring

Cutting costs relies on continuous monitoring and organization to identify the best opportunities for expense reduction. We monitor your monthly financial records to ensure your bill stays consistent or drops as time continues. With every monthly analysis, we explain each economic opportunity clearly and update your strategy if necessary.

Direct Financial Negotiation

Credit card fees are often negotiable, especially for successful businesses. Expense Reduction Analysts serves as your financial partner when an audit warrants a strategy redesign. We negotiate with your provider to reduce the cost of future processing charges.

Whether you have a small business or operate a more significant endeavor, we can leverage your transactions to encourage providers to reduce costs.

Lower Your Credit Card Processing Fees Today

If you accept credit cards as a form of payment for your business, you may be losing out on incredible savings opportunities. Without experienced financial analysts on your side, the merchant cost of a credit card payment can make or break your business. Your company’s account may benefit significantly from a merchant processing audit from Expense Reduction Analysts.

With credit cards being a primary payment method for so many consumers, it can be challenging to save money when the cost of processing payments adds up. If you see unknown charges on your business’s merchant account, it may be time for an audit.

We serve as a leading solution to mitigate extreme business expenses. Our team of financial analysts is ready to answer your questions and help you beat the mounting prices of credit and debit card payments.

You don’t have to waste money on credit card payment processing expenses any longer. Lower your merchant processing fees today with services from the financial analysts at Expense Reduction Analysts. Reach Expense Reduction Analysts by phone at +1 (877) 299-7801.

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