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Best Financial Services Franchises You Can Run From Your Home Office

A financial services franchise is a convenient way to become self-employed without starting from square one. With an initial investment, you can scale your new financial services business from your home office.

Many franchises give you:

  •       Location flexibility
  •       A trusted name to stand by
  •       Support and necessary resources
  •       Education and training
  •       Improved work-life balance
  •       Expert advice
  •       Excellent earning potential

If you have entrepreneurial skills and significant economic and mathematical experience, you can succeed at running a franchise. It may take a while for other new business owners to find the right franchise that fits their skills. Financial services franchise opportunities vary widely, offering everything from real estate to tax services.

You can become a franchisee for top financial services franchises from the comfort of your own home. What are they, and how do you choose the right franchise? Keep reading to find out.

Choosing the Right Financial Service Franchise

While prior experience with business services can be helpful, running a financial services franchise doesn’t take much prior knowledge. Whether a financial service franchise is the right one for you depends on its offerings, cost of investment, and potential returns. The following criteria will help you determine which franchise to choose.

Franchise Offerings

Franchises Finance adapt to today’s work demands. Financial services franchises are compatible with remote operation, so you can run your business from your home office or anywhere else convenient for you. While some require an office, the location is typically flexible.

Your financial services franchise should also offer adequate support to help you run your business. Franchises should provide the necessary training on operating a new business. Additionally, franchisees should have access to industry experts’ information and essential tools for marketing.


The upfront costs of starting a financial services franchise aren’t small. While some franchises may only require a minimum investment of $20,000, others need $100,000 or more. Your budget will determine which franchises you can afford.

Those with small budgets can still invest in a franchise requiring a significant minimum investment. Many financial services franchises offer financial assistance programs. If the franchise you choose doesn’t offer financing options, a third-party organization may be able to assist you.

Demand for Services

Your new business’s income must make up for startup costs and everyday business expenses while also helping you make a profit. Marketing can make your services look attractive, but your financial service won’t be successful without a demand. Choosing a franchise that has a continuous high demand will help you ensure consistent income.

Despite artificial intelligence’s progress, many financial services require human analysis and intelligence. Cost reduction analysis and tax services are two examples of financial services that will always be in demand. Thanks to remote franchise options, you aren’t limited to marketing your services in one location.

Best Financial Services Franchise Opportunities to Run From Home

1. Expense Reduction Analysts

Franchising with Expense Reduction Analysts means you will advise on reducing daily expenses, improving the business’s finances, and increasing business flexibility. Franchisees gain work from ERA’s client base and are part of the ERA global network. Flexible remote work options allow part- and full-time work.

The minimum investment for Expense Reduction Analysts is $66,100, and you must have a net worth of $250,000 or higher. Despite the high initial costs, third-party financing is available.

Expense Reduction Analysts prepare you to run your franchise consulting for businesses across America. You receive over 120 hours of training with options to continue. You’ll also receive extensive resources, including your own website, social media marketing, a regular newsletter, assistance with franchise grand openings, and constant online support.

2. Liquid Capital of America

Joining Liquid Capital of America as a franchisee means you’ll provide business factoring and funding solutions to growing businesses. Franchisees help small businesses secure funding quickly, manage invoices and expenses, prepare financial reports, and help finance business needs.

You can be a Liquid Capital of America franchisee for a minimum cash investment of $100,000 and a net worth of $300,000. Third-party financial assistance is available for low-budget franchisees.

Liquid Capital supports its franchisees through comprehensive three-phase training. In addition to online and in-person training, you have the option to work remotely, receive custom marketing resources, have access to years of expertise, and need no other equipment.

3. Transworld Business Advisors

Founded in 2007, Transworld Business Advisors is one of the top business opportunities and takes on franchisees with a 35-year agreement. You will advise clients on business growth, development, buying and selling businesses, and merging with or acquiring new companies.

You can join Transworld Business Advisors with an initial investment of $74,855 to $97,185. Franchisees are eligible for third-party financing for equipment, startup costs, and more. Unfortunately, there is no part-time option, but you can still run the franchise from home.

Multiple revenue streams make TBA an attractive option, while their 89-hour training program and continuous support help you maintain success. A toll-free support line and regular newsletter ensure you receive helpful information.

4. Paramount Tax

Tax services are an attractive, high-demand service for businesses, franchises finance and individuals. Through Paramount Tax, franchisees provide tax preparation and planning, bookkeeping, and payroll services.

With an investment of $88,000 to $151,000, you can start your own tax and accounting service. Low-budget franchisees can get third-party financial assistance.

Paramount Tax prepares franchisees with 31 hours of training and offers ongoing support, including proprietary software and regular meetings. If a trusted name like Paramount doesn’t bring in clients, the provided SEO services, email marketing, and regional advertising will increase your visibility.

Exclusive territories are available for franchisees looking to service a particular area. While you can run your Paramount franchise from home, you’ll need to operate it full-time.

5. Advisory Capital Broker Training Program

Another financial services franchise worth looking into is the Advisory Capital Broker Training Program. Franchisees assist businesses with loan funding, financing, small business administration lending, and even serve as real estate brokers.

Franchisees can start a business with a $9,995 investment into the Entrepreneur Package. Premium and next-tier packages assisting with marketing costs and additional services increase prices to $15,000. Low-budget entrepreneurs can finance the course for up to 60 months. 

Advisory Capital Broker Training provides considerable educational advancements, including necessary assessments, continued learning, and ongoing educational and marketing content. Franchisees receive a suite of social media marketing tools, and the first 250 clients are hand-picked to ensure immediate success.

6. American Business Systems

For a minimum of $27,990, you can be a part of the largest medical billing franchise opportunities in America. American Business Systems franchisees create and track insurance claims to ensure medical providers receive payment quickly. This franchise has part-time and full-time potential and allows remote work.

American Business Systems offers a fully-remote training program to complete from your home.  You’ll also have access to web-based billing software, professional marketing resources, and exclusive analysis tools. Free support is available throughout the training and the length of your franchise agreement.

Franchisees can still succeed with a low budget, thanks to third-party financing. If the American Business Systems franchise isn’t right for you, they offer a full refund at the end of the live training.

7. Moneywise Financial Services

As a franchisee with Moneywise Financial, you’ll offer investment services in a fast-growing industry. Their high-demand services offer excellent network growth and a stable business opportunity.

Business-minded individuals with a minimum of $50,000 are eligible for this franchise. You’ll need a total upfront investment because third-party financial assistance is not available from Moneywise Financial Services, nor do they provide it.

Despite a lack of financial assistance, you’ll spend more time assisting clients than searching for them. You’ll receive excellent marketing support, including advertising materials, marketing resources, and top digital strategies.

Moneywise Financial provides ongoing support and training in handling customer service issues, pricing, and more. Comprehensive two-phase training gives franchisees the knowledge to successfully run an investment services business.

8. Schooley Mitchell

Schooley Mitchell originally started as an accounting solution but switched to consulting for telecommunications companies. Their franchise poses an excellent option for entrepreneurs seeking a mid-length agreement term. Schooley Mitchell franchisees will consult with businesses on cost reduction opportunities and more.

A minimum cash investment of $65,500 will get your Schooley Mitchell franchise off the ground, with financial assistance available through third parties. Flexible part-time and full-time remote opportunities create an excellent work-life balance. Schooley Mitchell franchisees will also receive extensive 10-day training and lifetime access to coaching from over 100 professionals.

9. Affiliated Financial Partners

Affiliated Financial Partners is another top financial services franchise,  providing the comprehensive education you need to become an entrepreneurial finance expert. Franchisees will consult with businesses and individuals on real estate financing and business financing matters. They cover everything from loans to financial assistance.

Just $5,995 will get you started on your journey. Affiliated Financial Partners also allows financing assistance through third-party entities to assist low-income franchisees. You’ll find both full-time and part-time opportunities making it ideal for remote work.

AFP offers a top-rated training program that meets your specific needs. The multiple-day training course briefs you on fundamental knowledge for running your business. You’ll keep all the profits while gaining access to insider information and marketing tools. Affiliated Financial Partners’ franchisees receive 100% of the commissions they make.

Begin Your Financial Services Franchise With Expense Reduction Analysts

Expense Reduction Analysts is your leading financial services franchise. Whether you are an experienced business owner or your first time as a franchisee, you can be successful with franchises finance. Learn new financial skills and scale your business with Expense Reduction Analysts. Visit our website today.

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